Thursday, June 17, 2010

We love L.A. - we love it!

I just finished watching game 7 of the NBA finals and boy are my arms tired. Actually, somehow in today's personal mental crockpot, I had a very stinky fish in there. Hard to get rid of the smell of a bad day, but the Lakers did it!

Yes, the Lakers come from behind win was a thrill. But somehow it was also enough positive distraction to get me out of my own brain! Reasons this win was fantastic:

1. Lakers over Celtics. This is my preference in this match-up. Has been, will be. Blame the 80s, but my family skewed Lakers then, and have stuck with it. Also, not a fan of: Paul Pierce, KG, Rasheed Wallace (gag). Do love Rajon Rondo though. That guy- GOOD! And props to Ray Allen.

2. I know it probably makes me a bad feminist, but I love Kobe! Love him. Such a competitor.

3. Last second win!

4. Kobe, who is an all-star, was relatively cold shooting tonight! Had to rely on the TEAM. And then recognized it. Gave a specific shoutout to Pau Gasol saying, "I can't say enough about the Spaniard." Pau Gasol looking like a giant perhaps Spanish descendant of Abe Lincoln, getting choked up and crying! Then palming what appeared to be a beer in the locker room that looked like a 5-hour energy bottle in his hand, given how friggin' huge his hands are. I kinda wanted Kobe and Pau to make out. I can't lie.
Kobe parading his kids out? Not a fan of that...can't lie again.

5. Then there's the post-game sound bytes. Amazing. Amazing. Hilarious. And it's like suddenly everyone who's in front of a television camera is wearing a "dance like no one's watching" t-shirt and going for it. Hysterical!

Ron Artest, first player to be interviewed, thanks his hood, and his psychiatrist. Hell yes Ron Artest. Know who put you where you are today. Hell. Yes.

Magic Johnson - this guy looks great! And can't go off script! Loves Jerry Buss, Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant, city of Los Angeles...and if given a chance to talk again, has to repeat that in different order.

Bill Russell.....REALLY want him to go off script. Want him to say whatever he's thinking. For like, an hour.

6. Local News! Amazingggg!
Sports guy, former player, and Lisa Leslie in a Laker jersey, blazer, with Laker bluetooth still in her ear, encouraging families to go get something to eat to celebrate rather than rioting in the streets, as it makes no sense. Smashcut to "And now we go live to the guy in the chopper with shots of fans rioting in the streets..."

The game has been over, maybe 48 minutes, and they're already using rubber bullets on the crowds who are scrapping with mounted police, police on bikes, fighting each other, turning over sawhorses and traffic monitoring signs. Local news is offering a split screen of Kobe Bryant, kids on either arm, cocky as all hell, and aerial shots of the developments outside the Staples center.
Their man on the street reporter already nearly lost his microphone to a young, sweet looking girl who, when offered the mic for comment, tried to take it from him entirely and went into mocking newscaster mode. Hilarrrious. The crowd luuuuved it. Rightfully so.

Rowdy fans. Fires in the streets. Jumping on cars. Storming streets. Sawhorses through car windows. Wow. It's so bad it's funny. Probably because I'm not there. And probably because attempts at the NBA and Lakers making formal commercials to stop crowds from acting like wild angry mobs rather than respectful sports fans failed so tremendously. Also funny, the city has been encouraging fans to celebrate responsibly all week. I've mostly heard these warnings and requests from NPR reporters. So yeah...pretty sure they got to their target riot audience there.

Lisa Leslie is lovely. And she just said POO on t.v.

I am a sports fan. I like winning. But I've never wanted to overturn a schoolbus after a win. Maybe I'm not that big a fan after all?

Lisa Leslie, please get on Dancing with the Stars. I might watch.