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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

With the Barkers and the Colored Balloons

I got a new dog today! He’s adorable. He’s brown. He has a tail that wags. I have decided to name him Bobby Dog. He reminds me a lot of Marty, my at-home, stuffed dog. But Bobby Dog is less drunk, yet surprisingly, fairly equally animated. Bobby Dog is the dog that does searches in Microsoft Word on my work computer. While others may have pet paperclips with eyeballs to do their bidding, I found that to be a bit unnatural and opted for Bobby Dog as my default helper. Actually, you know, he may have been a stray. I don’t recall changing my settings from paper clip with eyeballs to Bobby Dog, so I might

have found him and kept him. What a find!

Well, today I performed a file search, and Bobby Dog went to work, digging in file folders and subfolders and hard drives – all the usual places. But then I left the search window open even after he’d found what had been buried, and that’s how I discovered Bobby Dog would keep me company all day at work! He would sniff at the desktop air a bit. Then he’d wag his tail. Sometimes he’d paw at the ground. And after lunch, when I’d left him to his own devices for a while, he had a food dish and was scratching at it, just like a real dog. But more silent. Though I had to cover the window containing Bobby Dog from time to time, it was very exciting to return to his view to watch him play with a bone, or take a nap, or generally hang out, excited to be around. I think the other thing that makes Bobby Dog so great is that he smiles. All day! Fun dog. Fun dog.

If you want a pet at work, I recommend finding a word processor’s best friend quite immediately!

Also, a big thanks to Mama V for my sock bunny! Love him too!

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