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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

43: And Three More to Go

Well, ok, probably four more, but still, tonight is absolutely a night that, were I not obligated by my word and bond (which may be as strong as Sea-Bond denture adhesive, but less minty fresh), I would not be writing. Knowing how way leads on to way, way led on to way. What can I say?

Today was a fairly busy day that was somehow full of an odd energy that was both upbeat and wacky at the same time. Things struck me funnier than they were. And if things were ridiculously disastrous, that was also funny in an "Oh well!" kind of way. It was like there was a soundtrack playing for a montage, but I was in the montage, not hearing the music. Like being a few beats behind due to exposure from a gas leak. Or resigned to things and amused by the state of things like Mrs. Krabappel from The Simpsons. It was Wacky Wednesday.

Wacky Wednesday was a book we had at my house when we were young. A Dr. Seuss book with illustrations by someone else, the book was full of rhymes and words and the progressive chaos found in one day by a child who wakes up to find everything is alllll screwy. It's like the beginner's guide to entropy, but finding the signs of increasing disorder on each page makes it a manageable task for children. As the day goes on, things get nuttier. And what really makes the day nuts is that NO ONE ELSE NOTICES IT'S NUTS. I actually think the Beatles' "A Day in the Life" symphony build at the end of the song may be inspired by the book Wacky Wednesday, now that I think about it, as the messages really do overlap quite a bit.

Seeing as it's Wacky Wednesday today simply by declaration, I will go ahead and leave room in the crockpot for some wackiness. Do you remember when people used to make posters in grade school, or sign the back of yearbooks with things that were like, a word to go with every letter of another word? That was somehow supposed to give you overall meaning or a sense of things?
For example, fishcrockpot might be turned into:


At least that's what they usually seemed to become in my memory - more of a jumble of cryptic meaning or random word assembly than anything else, even if it started with the promise of a message of moral soundness. If not thoughts, it would usually be a word with inherent value or characteristic words spelled out at the side. For example, if the fish of the day in the crockpot today is mackerel, and we wanted to be inspired, this is one option that we'd put on a bulletin board:


And so, in the spirit of wacky b.s. that framed the corners of the school bulletin boards in the framed corners of my memories, I'm going to go today with a list, as a crockerstalker faithful informed me that they're always fun to read. My list will put alphabet soup in the fishcrockpot.
But today this will be things I love, which will hopefully, between one letter and the next, relate.

SOUP'S ON! Get out your spoon!

Cresting waves
Delaware blueberries
Every summer
Fall leaves crunching
Golden moons
Juices, joys
Kermit the
Lovers, the Dreamers and
New crayons
Oceans, the
Scents sense
Thought full
Understanding, underpants
Vindication, vacation
Xylophone songs
You, sillyou, I love
Zzzz asleep already, again.

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