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Monday, May 3, 2010

wow thanks!

Hi All! I haven't written since Easter - who's surprised. No one.
But I'm excited! The mail has me jazzed. I came home and found my mailbox full of nice cards and then a jury summons. But then it was for the person who used to live in my apartment not me! And then a new neighbor was like, hey..., because he had his door open and i was walking past checking the mail. And i was scared he'd hate me because I had a loud and rowdy party on saturday. but he just asked to be invited the next time i had a loud and rowdy party (which is still not good as i try to pretend i don't frequently have loud and rowdy parties and really, i dont!). but better than open hatred! and he told me happy 23rd birthday and i said it'll be better the 2nd time! and then i found a package near my other neighbors' door and was like, wait is that for me? And I opened it, and it's got a hunger monster inside! like the orange furry guy from weight watchers ads who tries to get people to eat snacks. which um, it kind of works. i want to hang out with him and eat snacks. and NOW I CAN! thanks momo!!! we had some cheese and chips and a delicious cookie and watched 2 law & orders! in a row! and i'm afraid they're going to kill off the chief, which will make me sad. she's leaving the show! but maybe not by way of death? let's hope.
ooh i 'm just excited i guess huh.
yay! now some sleeps!

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