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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter is Especial!


Today included:

Girl Scout cookie breakfast!
fatty treats everywhere I turned!
egg dyeing!
family fun fone calls!
an earthquake!
a cheeseburger!
all-day friend fun!
red wine!
french fries!
How to Train your Dragon the movie not in 3-D but still so great!
And it's about to have a dash of Salman Rushdie!

This day has been full of surprises and reminders of love and life and joy.
This morning I learned a friend just gave birth to a baby girl.
This evening I learned a friend just lost her father.
And all day I saw people running the emotional range available to us - from the husband and wife really pleased to be in church together, to their teen son who looked as if he'd been asked to stand on hot coals for an hour by sitting next to them. Experiences experienced everywhere from the best to the worst, and today i'm sending positive peace to anyone who will take it.

Peace peace peace peace peace to you and beyond

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