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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Eve!

Hi all! It's Easter Eve! Which means, as of tomorrow, I am not Lentenly required to write this anymore. That is some relief, as I won't be writing bleary-eyed half-coherent "from bed without contacts" posts, but I also feel it's bad as I don't think I've accomplished as much in my blog this year as last year. And I also feel like I kind of have gotten on more of a roll as of late. Maybe I've just been writing longer, more rambling posts? Which feel way more natural to me? I dunno. Anyway.

Yesterday, in addition to having a fantastically calm and quiet Friday, I also got a new book out of the library - Fury, by Salman Rushdie! When I saw the title and realized it was indeed the word fury, i went for it. Lately I've been seemingly full of rage or negative energy, which also sometimes fluctuates to completely elated, fantastic energy. I'm sure someone's thought of a better way to describe contrasting depression and behavior....angry behavior of the depressed. Hm, if only I could think of something. Maybe with a hypen.... Anyway, I was thrilled to find a book by a favorite author that seemed to touch upon what I'd been feeling lately, I happily tucked it under my arm then giddily skipped across campus and toward my car, glad to be let out of work a bit early for the Easter holiday. There was a Police cover band playing "So Lonely" on the quad. The sun was shining. I was free! And felt good! Woo! In the spirit of my giddiness, when I looked at what was playing as listed on the movie theater marquis on the way to my car, I saw the phrase "Train Your Dragon" (yes I want to see that movie). My head just kinda started running with that in a commanding way with this crazy energy that's been around lately.

So tonight, though I'm more drowsy than fired up, I'm going to let myself run with that first found thought and see where it takes me. Happy Saturday everyone!

Friday Sunshine - So Lonely, So Lonely, So Lonely

Train my dragon
Paint my wagon
Ride my see-saw
Laugh at hee-haw
Keep the faith
Fail the safe

Come on in
Yes, we're open
Shirt and shoes required
Meter time expired
For a limited time
Let your light shine

Feel so alone
Throw a dog a bone
Got sin? Atone

What's love got to do with it
Where's the baseball to hit
Who's on first after all
When you need a friend, call
you're OUT my name

There's so much sun at the setting
Too many names worth forgetting
Too many shames for regretting
Too many rains that do not let in
the ease or the sleep or the win

This will be the time
My Sting operation
This thrill will be mine
This dance my vocation
Know my hope
Know my buzz
Know the frenzy
of the klutz
This will be the transformation
Every little thing YOU DO
is magic
is mine.

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