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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Unlike Lavar Burton

You are going to have to take my word for it. I need to phone it in and take a pass on the usual wordy mcwordsalot this evening. I am tired. So tired in fact, that today I have: taken a nap so sound I needed an alarm to wake me while in the backseat of my car, selected eye glasses frames for glasses I was not intending to buy in 10 minutes - selecting the first pair I tried on, and I turned down free food!!! This last one is definitely the most obvious, but the second to last one - if you know me, that's the equivalent of me accepting an engagement proposal on a first, blind date. Don't believe me? Ask my mother, who suffered through years of watching me selecting pairs of school shoes that had to adorn my feet every day. High and low were the searches, and ruined were the knee joints of the poor employees who had to wait on me, having to get up and down to foot level so many times for me to try on nearly every shoe in the store before taking at least 25 minutes, once the field was narrowed down to favorites, to decide on one pair of shoes. Don't believe my own mother? Ask anyone who had to watch me order from a menu from ages 5 - hm....probably present, but i'll say 19. Torturously long waits for the rest of the table while I agonized over choices. At like, McDonald's too. Everywhere. So choosing an item that involves personal taste and appearance and is something I only replace like, once every three years? Highly unlikely that that would happen quickly. I'm a commitment-phobe about such things. Maybe all things? But to do so in record time - really, something is going on. Something is in my body involving oppressive tiredness that cannot be ignored, in spite of the fact that I just went to see a completely amazing show I would like to discuss. I can't right now! I can't write now!
It's as though someone has unplugged my power source, and I'm getting the message that I either need to switch to adapter power or I'll automatically power down, losing unsaved information.

All I can do is double scoop tomorrow's rambles. Probably a treat for no one, and my apologies for being so lame, but again, something beyond my powers is at work here. Might not even brush my teeth.

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