Sunday, February 28, 2010

Things that are Awesome- the actual cop out

I have to compliment Canada here, producing a great closing ceremony situation, and taking their work in Vancouver in stride on the international scene.
I watched the gold medal hockey game with friends this evening. Yes, we'd tivo'ed the game, but wow was I glad someone else was there to watch with me. Without other people to be amazed, I might be left talking about it out loud for days.
This occurred following my viewing of L.A. Confidential last night. Afterward, my reaction was, "How has no one insisted I see this movie?" I thought it was awesome. The interwoven storylines of three main characters lead to all three, at some point, having to confront/confess/cope with who they really are as people - making decisions of charcter for each one. Super. I don't think I can think of another movie recently that combines both thrill and suspense with actual character development across the board to the point of crisis.
One thing - I'm currently not trying to think of ways to contradict myself = lazy journalism there.
That will bite me in the butt. But that will have to be tomorrow.

Canada, thank you for such fantastic Olympic games. You are a neighbor and friend - as gracious as you are generous.


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