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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Go West to a New Nest

Big shakes for me this weekend, and most probably sub-standard blog efforts as a result - my parents are in town! The empty nesters have come home to roost. In my nest! And so far so good, though they both have winter coats and hats, as well as flannel pajamas, to keep them extra warm amid a west coast heat wave. Also, my dad, ever the minimalist, has a suitcase with him for this weekend excursion that I believe is one size shy of a steamer trunk. Very good to be prepared. And amazingly, neither my brothers nor I were in scouts organizations as children. Is that sentence right? Sounds funky! Anyway.

It's kind of nice to get a new perspective, even if familiar, on the daily surroundings. My parents left snow on the ground and 30 degree temperatures this morning and deplaned to 80 degrees and sunny this afternoon. It's nice to be reminded of the incredible fortune that is typical California weather. Even as I spent the day sweating through my shirt on a repeated basis. I also am reminded that yes, traffic is a bit wilder in the wild west, mostly by the "I can't believe he did that!" comments made by my parents about the behaviors and actions of other drivers. My mom's most used phrase "I'm trying not to watch." My dad, by comparison, is so elated to see sp much sun at once that he's pretty darned easy going.
It's as though he gets a vitamin-D infusion that is of an amount that renders an effect akin to that of using illegal drugs. Suddenly, stressors just don't seem like a big deal. It's so sunny. I'm sure whatever the problem is, eh, it'll go away.

And, speaking of illegal/legal drugs, our first trip to the beach netted a shiny new business card that I tried to let my parents decode, but to no avail. It was for a marijuana dispensary. Our first foray out of the car since I'd picked them up and not 5 minutes later, they were being offered an easy, convenient way to buy drugs at a beach storefront.

Welcome to California, mom and dad.

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