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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lento n' Steady

Here's the real truth. I hadn't really given much consideration to blogging this Lenten season. The consideration I did give was basically - ugh, Lent's coming up? What should I do this year? What should I give up? I should really try to get myself to stick with something hard.

The ideas for new lifestyles, new devotions, and new means of sacrifice and denial were certainly numerous, ambitious, unrealistic, in some cases to the point of being laughable. Yet the one thing that is probably of the most use and in some ways the most obvious - turning the heat back on in the crockpot and having to write something more than zero words a day - was given the dedicated thought of a passing fancy or fart in the wind.

"Ooh some frozen yogurt would be nice...I wonder what Joyce DeWitt is doing right now... Did I ever get that oil change I was supposed to?" That kind of passing fancy. The kind you have when you're waiting for the dental hygienist to call you in to your appointment or watching the clock's seconds tick on your microwave when you'd really like to eat what it is cooking for you. That kind.

The real truth of that matter, and how the passing thought passed so easily? I kinda didn't think anyone would notice? That. And if they did, did not think they'd call me on it.

Whoops! I get by with a little help from my friends.
And I get called to task for not doing what I should be.
Which is why I am grateful for my fantastic friends, especially when they seem to know me better than I know myself (or at least am willing to admit to myself). I mean, I am grateful beyond words! But see, even that is me trying to get out of writing...

I should say, I am grateful to the point of words for my friends and their nudges.
So, I'm going all in on this pot.

I've been thinking about ways to try to create more cohesion or a through line here, and I've been thinking about relating the following: Oprah, Catholicism, Austria, Canned Tuna, Expiration Dates and Pee-Wee Herman.

Well then, tomorrow! Stop by, the soup should be on.
If not, I have every confidence a friend will let me know it's not.
Thank yaaaaa!

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