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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Sticky Topped Trail of Underachieving

My purse.
My desk.
My fridge.
My gym bag.
My car.
Wadded at the bottom of my purse under the other one.

All of the above are suitable locations for me to find remnants (or active paths) of the sticky note trail I seem to create for myself, weaving a path of partially sticky loose lists of to-do items from home to work and back home again. Maybe it is the fact that they're only partially sticky themselves that makes me seemingly unable to stick to completing the tasks and to-dos I list upon their post-it faces? Or maybe it's my temptation to include too many areas of life tasks on one sticky note? Do months' long goals belong on the same note as a random errands list? "Taxes" which hm, I'll say has made it's way to – conservative estimate – 10 to 12 lists, is not on the same level of ease of completion as "take out recycling," so why are they on the same note? There is such satisfaction, SUCH satisfaction in throwing off a completely item crossed-off list, and yet I almost never succeed, instead transferring big ticket items to the next, newer list that takes over once the original post-it loses its stickum.

I suppose this would not really be sending me spiraling toward existential crisis in regular circumstances, but I guess I feel like it's a nice representation of a larger, me-specific problem. I don't seem to finish things. Which is maddening considering I hate it when people don't follow up, follow through, follow along with the bouncing dot on the screen so they can sing too. Recently, the writers' group I am in made it clear that a piece I wrote was remarkable, not for its content, but specifically for having a beginning, middle, and end, all in one go. And, the long-suffering Den, a loyal crockpot reader, only recently allowed a blog post to qualify for a story I'd promised him YEARS ago! Years! What is wrong with this picture? Something. Open to interpretations if you've got them...

If only I could apply this inability to finish what I've started to nacho chili cheese fries, Girl Scout cookies, beers, and episodes of the Real Housewives of ______. Then we'd be getting somewhere.

Hold on, lemme put that on a list.

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