Monday, March 16, 2009

20: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we’re halfway the-eee-errrr ohhhhhhhOHHHHHHHHH! Livin’ on a Prayaaaaarraaaaa!

Yesterday a loyal crock reader was kind enough to remind me that today is the very special halfway point in the crockpot’s 40-day journey, and that perhaps today’s entry could commemorate the occasion. What better way to announce one is halfway there than Bon Jovi? And really, when you get right down to it, what better way to announce anything at all?

Yesterday’s exploration of the new and old struck me as I thought about ways to approach this halfway point today. It might be a great time to look at old posts with new eyes, identify old themes for new readers so that they don’t have to go backwards as much, and go old-school and give myself a midterm (armchair psychological) evaluation on the work done so far. And, for kicks and a little bit of satisfaction of my own curiosity, revisit my own most self-indulgent post, this time as a personal challenge (read: 2nd really self-indulgent post)!

Yes, readers, I would ideally be able to produce a written version of a montage one sees when his favorite t.v. show has been on hiatus for a while and the show needs to create a refresher package for those who’ve forgotten what happened to characters previously or say, a piece that outlines the premise of the show for those who may be unfamiliar with how it works. Here’s an example of a show intro. that might give you a hint as to what the show is about on the whole.

As an aside: 1. How great was that show? 2. How many fans does Quantum Leap have? A lot, if the number of youtube devotional montages made honoring the show is any indication 3. How come I never see Scott Bakula in L.A? There’s a celebrity I’d like to see.

The two preceding paragraphs allow me to cut directly to my next section –
Things you’ll see a lot of in the fish crockpot:
  • References to television and an often more-than-mild belief that organizing things in a way that closely mirrors television formats, especially that of sitcoms, is the most logical framework available, and perhaps allows for some of my most successful communication with others.
  • Asides, pointless ramblings, numbered lists in the middle of otherwise already too long paragraphs, and sentences that go on forever with no foreseeable finish.
  • Song references as a barometer for my mood and mental state.
  • Mania! And self-loathing and fear of failure.
  • Conflicting feelings toward cats and those who love them.
  • Love of family and friends and good things like cookies, beer, and socks.
  • Delusional belief that outrageous things that would amuse me could, can, should and might one day occur.
  • Rambling. I cannot emphasize this enough.
The one big thing I’ve learned thus far:

You get what you need when you need it!

This was never more clear than in the discovery of opprobrium and its meaning after stumbling over what exactly it was that made me need to have this fishcrockpot in the first place.

Last night, after posting, I was reading a book by Salman Rushdie, whose visage is visiting the crockpot today. In the span of 2 pages both “Rumplestiltskin,” whom I’d mentioned in yesterday’s post, and “opprobrium” were used. Of course they were used by Mr. Rushdie in the most poetic of ways and part of a larger, beautiful work that is anything but “rambling,” but it still made me say, “Hey, Rumplestiltskin is a relevant thing to mention in writing!” and “Hey! Opprobrium! I know what that means! I can almost read these books!”
Again, let me be clear, this was more a happy coincidence of seeing "opprobrium" in print and this is not me comparing myself as a writer to Rushdie. We probably have more in common in physical appearance, frankly, and even that is not a very kind comparison for Mr. Rushdie as I do not look good in turtlenecks.

Here’s the part where I wish I had a graph to chart mood over time as it would be far more visually pleasing, and faster.
Instead, I’ll summarize day, topic, and prevailing mood of a post, so we can track progress:

1 – Thesis statement, what this project is: FEAR
2 – Shared sadness makes for happiness: sadness, complacency
3 – "Electric Blue" the song brings me joy: elated mania
4 – Acknowledging fear: complacency with fear, happiness at acceptance
5 – Puns: generally displeasing to others
6 – Aggressive annoyance at the world at large
7 – Rambling disorganized thoughts: self-doubt, 80s music
Identification of fear source: happiness, relief
9 – Love of television: passion & delusion
10 – Social fear: self-doubt
11 – Music/mood association: feelings, nothing more than feelings
12 – Self-indulgence: curiosity, self-indulgence
13 – This one is real honest, actually. And I have been given a free month trial of ecards as a result
14 – Aggression & anger
15 – 80s songs as mood indicator: manic elation, anticipation
16 – I think I was just tired
17 – Distraction
18 – I like my family
19 – Getting old’s a bitch!
20 – Livin’ on a Prayer- Bon Jovi

So if you're new, you're all caught up! Welcome!

And now back to that self-indulgence, and even that Bon Jovi

Day 12 saw me attempt to make a found poem out of the lyrics (which I guess means it’s already an attempt at a poem in original form so I’m even more of a hack in a way) of 80s songs. I am now challenging myself to go back and create the answer key to that poem – to list the songs which the lines reference. Let’s see if I still can! The result may make the best or worst mix tape ever. Or, alternately, a better poem than my first try.

And this Maya & Harry Monster are shout-outs to a real poet and a real blue guy, and because the picture of Maya from the Calypso album she made referenced in day 12’s comments can be deemed problematic. This one makes me happier anyway.

Turning Japanese: the Self-Indulgent 12th Day (Turning Japanese - Vapors)

This is what we’ve waited for (99 Luftballoons – Nena)

A man in motion (St. Elmo’s Fire – [Man in Motion] Jon Parr)
Blinded me with (She Blinded me with Science – Thomas Dolby)
You can’t go on thinking (Drive – Cars)
Come on take the time (I love Rock n’ Roll – Joan Jett & the Blackhearts)

No one wants to be defeated (Beat it – MJ)

I tried to run from my destruction (1999 – prince)
Six string in hock (livin’ on a prayer – bon jovi)
In a second hand store (raspberry beret – prince)
I used to think maybe I loved you (walkin’ on sunshine – Katrina and the waves)
Far too young and clever (come on Eileen –dexy’s midnight runners)
Or the highlights in your hair (lady in red – chris deburgh)
Too high to get over – Classify (Wanna be starting something – mj) - (99 luftballoons)
Here come those feelings again (who can it be now – men at work)
I’m only human (I’m only human - human league)
Down the road (kyrie – mister mister)

Last night I dreamed of (la isla bonita – Madonna)
She said I am the one (billie jean – mj)
Leaving me here on my own (cruel summer – bananarama)
Don’t you want me (don’t you want me baby– human league)
Give me the order (Tarzan boy – baltimora [? The internet and itunes don’t agree on this one])
I’ll hold you so close (everybody have fun tonight -wang chung)
Take me on (take on me – a-ha)
Save it til the morning after (save a prayer – duran duran)

I’m going to listen to my body - I’ll stop the world (1999 – prince) (melt with you – modern English)
Clarify and (99 luftballoons –nena)
Walk like (walk like an Egyptian – bangles)
We’re sharing the same dream (Caribbean queen – billy ocean)
Guide me toward salvation (Africa – toto)

Close your eyes give me your hand (eternal flame – bangles)
Say say say (say say say mj & paul mccartney)
We’ve got all your life and mine (safety dance – men without hats)
Can’t you feel the thunder (land down under – men at work)
Gold and green (karma chameleon – culture club)
Mighty Mighty (brick house – commodores)
This is what it sounds like (when doves cry – prince)
Play the pipes (pipes of peace – paul McCartney)
Another man sing (power of love – huey lewis and the news)
Can you feel it (power of love – huey lewis and the news)
Feel the power (power of love – huey lewis and the news)

Don’t you remember We built this (we built this city – Jefferson starship)
Holding hands while (Everybody wants to rule the world – Tears for fears)
Dances on the sand (Rio – duran duran)
Hold me now (hold me now – Thompson Twins)
As real as it may seem (only in my dreams – Debbie Gibson)

Thinking (drive – cars)
Like a shadow over me (total eclipse of the heart – bonnie tyler)
Sugar me sweet (Pour some sugar on me – def leppard)
Just don’t ask me how I feel (luka – Suzanne vega)
Just leave me standing (when doves cry – prince)
Come and go (karma chameleon – culture club)

For the curious - I made it! Stumpers this time around that took me a minute or two -
Caribbean Queen, Total Eclipse of the Heart, Safety Dance

Happy half way to all!


  1. ginny, i take issue with this poem. how are there no chicago lyrics included? granted, it could be reasonably argued that they should only be claimed by the 70s, as that decade boasts their strongest work... but they were still going strong in the early 80s. please see "hard to say i'm sorry", "hard habit to break" and of course, "you're the inspiration"

  2. SARS, i do love chicago- no love lost. but they were not quite found in the overall feel of the rest of this! sorry, it was found, not planned.

    everybody needs a little time away-
    i heard her say....

    wouldn't wanna be kept away, not for a day, far away from the SARS that i loveeeee.

    really, where would you insert any of the aforementioned chicago quotes in this stuff?