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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Five-Alive & Rambling Jive

Remember Five-Alive the drink? I remember the packaging having great marketing effect on me. Diagonal lettering and orange-against-blue color wheel magic. Dynamic stuff! And the mystery of identifying all five juices? I can only guess 3 with any confidence.

Onward to my answer to yesterday's crockpot challenge - what would you name your comic strip to have it employ a word or phrase common enough that it could serve as half of the answer to a Before And After puzzle on Wheel of Fortune and cause some portion of the newspaper-reading public to possibly assume you are clever?

This was tougher than I thought. I ended up thinking more about what the comic strip plots would be rather than the titles, which really did not yield much in the way of creative titling.

I thought maybe about Hyde Norhare, a comic strip focused on the wacky antics of a well-to-do rabbit, but then realized that I was maybe just trying to make Frasier into a comic strip and had put David Hyde Pierce into the brain hopper (bunny funny alert!) with Hyde Norhare and was trying to make Niles a rabbit.

If this blog gets a comic strip with the same premise, we can call it Crock-o-niles and have it set in a wetland somewhere. Blog bog? (I am starting to think I killed more important parts of my brain than I thought last night).

Other ideas:

Cracker Jack- this strip would only work if newspapers agreed to permanently run Cracker Jack across the page from Peanuts. The strip would follow Jack, a cracker factory employee who dreams of becoming a sailor. Sadly, the closest he gets to the open sea is the oyster cracker division. His love interest? Clammity Jane, recipe research specialist, Ritz girl. He worries about impressing her with his blue, sailor collar ways.

Comic Sans- this strip would use pre-existing Dilbert strips but the text would change to become story lines exclusively about fonts. And any time the devil appeared in the comic, his comments would be in the font Comic Sans and he'd look really happy but everyone else would be in hell.

Ebony & Ivory- present-day Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney get together and discuss current events while enmeshed in battles with their own celebrity and each other. The Beatles Catalogue would play a prominent role in this one. Like Michael Jackson would use it as a coaster a lot. And they'd go golfing and he'd use his sparkly glove as a golf glove, and McCartney would pull a prosthetic leg from his golf bag and say "Whoops! Another stray." but then would use it to get out of a sandtrap later and say something like "That bitch could get out of any jam with this." And Michael Jackson's signature "Heeheeeooh!"s would serve as rim shots for any of Paul's jokes.
I actually think this could be an animated show I'd enjoy watching. Especially with guest appearances by other mega-celebrities (YES Ringo is involved! And MAYBE he has a storyline where he keeps referring to the gigs he has lined up and we find it's him at various old folks' homes where residents are playing [and shouting] Ringo instead of Bingo). Both Michael and Paul would be good guys though in this - key to the show's likability. We'd love them both, just like real life. They'd just also have some Odd Couple-esque foibles that would keep audiences say say saying, "That doggone show is mine!"

[seriously, i would like to make this happen. has it already? this is a very vivid image in my head.]

If you've got great ideas for your comic, don't be a strip-tease, let me know!

Sunday punday. My apologies.


  1. Did you just mention MJ's sparkly (sp?) glove? Ahh...recess. -Kelly

    PS I am enjoying these tremendously.

  2. i'd love to watch that show!!

  3. Michael needs to be 1987-era Michael, with black skin, eyeliner, and glittery military jackets.

    Also, Bubbles is the smartest one of the bunch, and silently taunts Paul, perpetually getting the better of him.

  4. YES! I love a Bubbles that might say, wear iconic John Lennon glasses and look dismissively at Paul before flinging poo at him!!! - gdef