Friday, March 13, 2009

The Edge of Seventeen

Just like a white-winged dove, here I am, tired and a happy to see this week sink behind the hills on the horizon. Just in the Stevie Nicks of time. Sometime on Wednesday, coworkers and I projected that this work week was taking as long to complete as a three typical weeks. I do not know if it was the time change, or just some sort of laziness in the overall speed of clock arms (torn rotator cuff?), but Friday really took its sweet time arriving.

And today was a day of expectation and anticipation, much like Wednesday, but the outcome tonight would qualify as disappointment. It's that most wonderful time of the year - March madness. The current iteration of NCAA basketball tournament preparations take on the form of conference championships. And I was ready for my alma mater to advance to the next round today, but it was not to be so. I think the fact that I'd spent a good bit of my day making it very clear to coworkers that my socks, wristband, and t-shirt all had to do with the good of the team made it harder to take this disappointment. I felt more personally responsible for outcome this time than i had with the full moon.

I will wax on about my love of the tournament another day, as really, it deserves to be addressed with the enthusiasm it engenders in me each year, but, given tiredness and defeat, now is not the time.

I came into the crockpot and inadvertently took a skim down the page. I realized that I was still incredibly repulsed by the crockpot meat cake picture, and that i think my aversion to that picture is growing. I also realized that my favorite feature of the page thus far may be the picture of the docksiders lined up together - red one in the middle. My excitement about that splash of color, even when associated with a tale of a guy I deemed a jerk, made me think it may be time to amp up the visual appeal of the crockpot. We'll see how that turns out. Spatial reasoning and appropriate use of color are not my strong suits by any stretch of the imagination, so that should be noooo problem at all.

I also was clicking on random "this is your blog" links and found a page where I could add information about myself. It seemed like it would allow me to create a personal ad. One box to check is "Show astrological sign." I thought that was a really funny, bizarre thing to have a specific user preference established for in a blog template, but then I realized that, much like the lack of design, I really don't have a great idea of what blogs are supposed to look like. Maybe I should have my sign listed. And my love of pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. (One of my favorite parts of that song is where the emphasis hits on the lyric "I am IN to cham pagne." Like that really needed to be very specific. Make no mistake about it - yes to champagne). Personal ad - perhaps a project for another day. Maybe I'll list my love of the NCAA tourney and kill two posts with one stone. Two in one - does that make me a gemini?

Cutting to the chase - the Chase!
When wondering more specifically about what other rambling, nonsensical bloggers whose blogs have no explicit purpose or theme items blogged about, I started thinking of people doing what I'm doing - moaning about minor events in my day and then writing about how tired they are for 3 paragraphs. Then I thought about rhymes and that's when Frogger Blogger hit me. And I realized it would be funny to read a blog written by Frogger, particularly if there were pictures with captions.

Gravelly patch - near side of road, daybreak

And their version of photos of wild nights would be pictures of frogs gone wild, straddling the center line, drunk with their tongues stuck out in defiance captioned
Body Shots - Highway 65, Mario's Birthday

The Frogger blogger might be more interesting than me. Let's up that "might" to "would."

The Edge of Highway 17:
Today was pretty crazy, just glad it's finally Friday. After starting the week feeling like I'd been hit by a big rig, I spent the rest of this week running to keep up, dodging shit-storm after shit-storm like a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. I tell ya, it was coming at me in all directions. TGIF!

Tonight I was able to get off the road pretty early by the edge of Highway 17 (see pic above! great sunset!) and just take some time to unwind. Turns out my friend Doug was in the area, and he hit me up just in time to tell me there was an awesome lake nearby. I dig Doug. Great guy, knows a lot of hidden spots. And really deep. He'll go the distance for you.
Anyway, Doug shows up and we drink some brews and decide we're going for it - jumpin' all in that lake, we don't care how deep it is or what's in it.

So, guts full of beer and eyes full of swamp, I sink like a stone to the bottom of that thing. Seaweed and algae was all over the place. And MAN there were some big ass fish in that water. I hid behind the PLANTS, that's how big they were. It was cool though, eventually Doug gave me the high sign and we darted up past the biggie fish at the bottom. We tried to stay out of the way of other schools of fish (Doug was saying how he was going drop out again just like real life!), but I got caught a few times and had to go with the flow. Lucky for me I met some rad turtles a little closer to the surface who let me borrow some shell to surf on up, and soon I was back floating on golden pond like the king of the lily pad.
It was pretty cool. Doug took like, two or three tries to get to the top, but he made it. All around, a good day to be a Frog on the loose.

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