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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Twelfth Night: Knockoff Poetry!

Sometimes I am glum. Tonight I am glum.
I do not feel like writing. I want my couch’s comforts in all their splendor.
Ahhh the Sundays.

As such, and given the exacerbated Sundayness of this Sunday night being fast-forwarded by daylight savings time (even though more sunlight is a good thing in the long run), I’ve decided to indulge my own curiosity and embark upon a “found” poem. No, it’s not about my cat Found, and no, it’s probably not poetry, especially given the source of my source material, but I’ve decided to rearrange excerpted bits of 80s song lyrics (the one thing I remember in life) into something new. These are from memory, so if something is incorrect, feel free to call me on it! Also, you'd be amazed at how long it took to do this even though the outcome is, well, more sham than rocks on the shamrock shake scale of judgment. (Not likely to be nominated for McLaureate this year).

I have no doubt what will follow will be more comical than poetic, but eh, you can’t eat soup everyday and like it.

If this is your first visit to the crock, please peruse another day.
Management thanks you.

Turning Japanese: the Self-Indulgent 12th Day

This is what we’ve waited for

A man in motion
Blinded me with
You can’t go on thinking
Come on take the time

No one wants to be defeated

I tried to run from my destruction
Six string in hock
In a second hand store
I used to think maybe I loved you
Far too young and clever
Or the highlights in your hair
Too high to get over - Classify
Here come those feelings again
I’m only human
Down the road

Last night I dreamed of
She said I am the one
Leaving me here on my own
Don’t you want me
Give me the order
I’ll hold you so close
Take me on
Save it til the morning after

I’m going to listen to my body - I’ll stop the world
Clarify and
Walk like
We’re sharing the same dream
Guide me toward salvation

Close your eyes give me your hand
Say say say
We’ve got all your life and mine
Can’t you feel the thunder
Gold and green
Mighty Mighty
This is what it sounds like
Play the pipes
Another man sing
Can you feel it
Feel the power

Don’t you remember We built this
Holding hands while
Dances on the sand
Hold me now
As real as it may seem

Like a shadow over me
Sugar me sweet
Just don’t ask me how I feel
Just leave me standing
Come and go


  1. I think this is how Maya Angelou writes all her poems too. I was amazed at how many of the songs I recognized. Oddly powerful.

  2. maya angelou taught at wake actually so, yes, i can say this is exactly how she writes her poetry.
    HUGE new order fan.
    also, little known fact but an AMAZING visual - maya angelou has a calypso album. for real. am not making this up for jokes.
    no wonder she and Oprah go on cruises so often, that un-caged bird likes the steel drums!