Thursday, March 4, 2010

Abbreviated thoughts

Today I was thinking about L.L. Cool J. Why? I have no idea. I really think I'd be an excellent candidate for a brain mapping study that examines childhood music and television exposure and that effect on long-term thought organization.

Really, if you ask me to sort by lyrics, the process typically goes much faster in my brain than say, sorting by importance. Somehow, when I thought of L.L. Cool J, I thought of the song "O.P.P." and how good it is. I then thought hm, abbreviations are pretty awesome, as are using them forever, as L.L. Cool J has done in his career, even as he works for Sears as a fashion designer. Sure, ladies love cool James, but ladies also love Sears. Ludachris cutting out the Luda for acting? Well, I get it, but how great is Ludachirs as a name? Good. L.L. Cool J didn't switch for Sears or his cop show. And I guess neither did Ice-T. Ice-T made me think of Ice Cube, and then the end of all of that were my grand conclusions that: 1. I'm down with O.P.P., and 2. Today was a good day.

Uh oh! In looking up a picture of L.L. Cool J, I just discovered Sears ditched his clothing line!!!! What??? Maybe the love of the ladies does not come from the same ladies? Terrible news. I can only hope he will rectify this situation and become a part of L.L. Cool Bean, the direct mail catalogue for every urban outdoorsman.

This is a crock question I pose to readership - if you were going to make initials to throw at the front of your name that meant something, which letters would you choose? And what would they stand for?

I'm going to have to think on this one.

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