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Saturday, March 6, 2010

All that crap

Sometimes living in L.A. is hilarious, like when it's raining in a fairly typical rain fashion the day before the Academy Awards. The news of the evening comes on at 11 p.m. as planned, miraculously so, given the inclement weather. The top story? The weather.
It's raining. It's winter. So it's a winter storm.
Rain is on the roads! And the Kodak Theatre, home to the 82nd Annual Academy Awards....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo!

The top story's weatherman reveals the rain might stop. Maneuvering away from footage of cars on roads, we go to the graphic display of tomorrow's outlook.
Morning - partially cloudy
61 degree Red carpet
Evening - 20% chance of rain

Red carpet? Is that a time of day now officially? Or is the carpet kept at a constant 61 degree temperature? Either way, it's assumed it is of note to everyone.

Story two - The rain's effects on the Academy Awards.
Cutaway to someone live at the scene, a giant Oscar statue shrouded in protective plastic behind her. Concern on her face? Evident. Pronounced. Gripping.
A lot of preparations have been made for tomorrow...
Will this city survive? And, by associative property, will the rest of the world since they're obviously relying on this epicenter of award action to serve as a social barometer for the nation. Just ask media-rologist James Cameron (too tired for my Avatar rant now, but know it's inside if I've spared you thus far).

All this hype reminded me of something I saw while digging around in crocks past, looking for Mr. Roboto. Something that seemed quite appropriate. At least watch until the one minute mark, that's all I ask. After that, it's funny because the point is undercut by the giant fake tree forest illusion on stage behind them, but still a good one. Also, I believe Tommy Shaw in this video (is that him? a replacement?) may be the inspiration for Kate Gosslin's new hairstyle and extensions. Another grand illusion of its own.

"Dont you go believin' in movies and tv and rock videos and all that crap, Come On!"

Dennis DeYoung of Styx

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  1. Oh, this made me laugh so hard. The local news in L.A., man, WOW. Growing up in Seattle, KING 5 always used to win the regional Emmy for local news. The region was the entire Pacific Coast. I always marveled at that as a kid. To me Seattle was an underdog compared to the big California cities. And then I moved to a big California city, and realized Seattle's local news was a study in understatement, grace, and competence.