Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Livin' La Vida Loca

I'm not, actually. Surprise! Fishcrockpot shocker!
But I did hear that song in an exercise setting today and it was suddenly the best song I'd ever heard. As were "What is love" yep, that SNL skit song, and "You dropped a bomb on me baby" GAP BAND HOLLA!!!, and "The Tootsie Roll."

It is amazing how many song lyrics you know that I'm sure you think you don't.
Suddenly I was going well beyond "cotton candy sweet as gold" to "it ain't the butterfly it's the tootsie roll." Yes. Yes that stuff sticks! A bit unexpected, but true. Also, and don't hate me here, I'm going to argue that "Livin' La Vida Loca" stands the test of time WAY better than you'd think. Especially the 007 theme song inspired bit in the middle? Yes. A highly catchy, highly processed pop song. You can blame me if it's stuck in your head now. I understand. But while it's in there, don't you kind of like it? Yep. Tell the crockpot. We understand.

So that was one unexpected surprise.

Number two - I heard such a volatile "To the Point" on NPR this evening that it was actually, though intended to be serious, very hilarious to me. They had the head trainer and whale lover from SeaWorld on to defend the decision to reintroduce the Killer Whale that recently killed a trainer into the SeaWorld show, and to continue to use Orca in shows at all. The opposition came in the form of Naomi someone (again, I'm going from memory here, not even bothering to look up Warren Allney's actual name or its spelling) who works for the Humane Society of the United States (ah! looking to be sure I had that right I stumbled upon the Naomi Rose article. Is this headline a bit cheeky for anyone else? Considering that someone died, this seems a lot like tea for two, which I believe is usually reserved for tap dancing routines).

These two warring factions spent a great deal of effort trying to out-do each other in their sincere condolences. Warren Alnie (covering the bases here) was having none of it, basically cutting off both speakers in their effusive claims of empathy for family, friends, whale lovers, and anyone else affected by the trainer's death, saying very succinctly that yeah, everyone feels that way if they're a decent person, let's move on to what we're here to discuss. It was such a direct simultaneous admonition to those who would use sympathy for the loved ones of the deceased for personal image embellishment in their argument making, and a statement of actual sympathy for those mourning the deceased, that I really thought wow, this guy does not fall for just any old line. He must have done high school debate. Not one to be taken. (I had to look it up. It's Olney). [who knew that show was local?]

The same ability to cut through the bullshit (and in this case I am referring to a bull whale) came in very handy as his guests jumped upon every chance they were given to both personally defame and undercut the points of the other. I really have not heard anything that obviously personal and heated on NPR since "You LIE!" soundbytes were played, directed toward Obama! And hilarious too was that all of them were couched with polite introductions, for instance, the Sea World rep beginning a retort with, "With all due respect, Miss Rose has never TOUCHED an orca and all of her biological studies took place from a BOAT." Both Naomi Rose and Mr. Sea World (35 year head trainer in charge) went to great lengths to clarify......the truth behind the inspiration for Free Willy.

No, I'm not kidding.
Someone died. A person, not a whale. Someone just died and they were going head-to-head, drudging up details, calling each other liars over what really happened to Keiko, a whale partially released from captivity? And they agreed on nothing about the case. Sea World claims all the whale lovers walked off the job when the Humane Society came in and mucked up operations. Naomi claims that the Humane Society sent a team to fjords with this whale. Fjords. For. Real.
But in any event, um...Hollywood made a movie about it.

Never before has NPR triggered, "Hold me, like the river of Jordan, and I will be faithful. I will be Free-eee." Michael Jackson's Free Willy theme?
Yes. I know more lyrics than I thought I did. Not surprising.

The whale debate? La vida loca. The Sea World guy's come back when asked if working with whales in captivity for entertainment is still a good idea? NASCAR. He compared it to NASCAR in terms of participants assuming risk. Drivers drive fast around tracks every day, knowing they could die at any moment.
Yes, but cars aren't sentient, right?

It was an incredible debate, if only for Warren Olney's annoyance at the participants unwillingness to stay on topic.
I believe the audio link may be found in the Olney link above.
I also believe Ricky Martin described the same type of situation saying, "She'll make you take your clothes off and go dancing in the rain."

Her skin's the color of mocha.

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