Thursday, April 21, 2011

All of my hangups are gone

I am going to see Prince tonight. The artist formerly known as Prince who turned into a symbol who turned back into Prince. Tonight. I am literally, physically, metaphysically, metaphorically, and magnificently going to see Prince tonight.

I am expecting nothing short of total personal transformation. I kind of do expect to be reborn in the uncharted waters of Prince. Some sort of Prince air will reach me, even in the high high cheap seats, and I will awaken tomorrow a fully realized woman. I mean, it's Prince, right?
These expectations do not seem extreme. It's Prince.

And, for those of you keeping track of his influence here, I did some Prince searching. He turns up in 10% of the posts. Ha! That's a good enough percentage, right? Obviously statistically significant. I hope that somehow I am willed into his path. Forces draw us together. And seeing me he says, "Girl, you need a haircut like hell." And, acquiring scissors as if by magic, he'll just go ahead and proceed to give me a makeover. Of body and spirit.

No, it is not likely that I will turn out like Carmen Electra.
But I would settle for Sheila E.

PRINCE. Ladies and gentlemen. Prince.

More to come...

and also,
Happy Birthday to Den! Crockpot faithful, and all around wonderfully encouraging human being.

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