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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Vacationality - it's spreading!

The funny thing about having someone visit you on what is a vacation for them is suddenly you also lose all track of day, time, and sense of responsibility to a world or activities other than whatever is next on your agenda o' fun. Today my parents and I enjoyed a giant brunch and a Dodger game. Dodger dogs were had, even after a giant brunch. The wave was waved. And the Dodgers won! Defeating the Giants and allowing for ample opportunity for enterprising young people to chant "Giants Suck!" at the opposing team. It was indeed, a good Sunday! I'm not even dreading going to work tomorrow. Probably because I'm not.
Instead, there's a museum to visit, and I'm sure about 7-12 meals to eat.
I would write more, but I really need my rest. Gotta be fresh when living the retired lifestyle!

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