Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Temptations - not just a motown band anymore

Guys, I know we're WAY low on the countdown to Easter, but somehow this week is, while the deadline closes in on Lenten promises, also the hardest. Maybe it's getting through that last mile? Maybe I crave dairy fat in a way that my cheese consumption cannot possibly satisfy alone?

Anyone who knows me knows how shocking the previous statement is, even to consider. I love cheese. And I consume a lot of it. A lot of it.

But seriously, it suddenly seems as if the entire world has an ice cream cone. Many times, an ice cream sundae. And yes, yes this is exacerbated by my proximity to a Baskin Robbins and my birds-eye view of others consuming ice cream cones, and yes, I am still pleased to see their smiles, but now I'm also REALLY wanting to go to Dairy Queen. Being friends with Dairy Queen on facebook? Dangerous in Holy Week! Ha.

There's also Easter candy at work. At home. In my freezer. I know where I'm going, just need the patience to get there.

Did I mention patience isn't my strong suit?

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