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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Few Good Questions - Who's On Trend First?

So, because I do watch "Project Runway" but not enough "Rachel Zoe Project" to really have a grasp of whether fashion designers have some sort of secret meetings like the League of Justice, but with issues of importance like shoulder pads and cut of jean and what should be worn at any given time, I have the question, who decides what is on trend? And how do all designers seemingly bring back the same retro stuff at the same time? Who goes first? Who's deciding ohhh yeah, let's get 80s leggings back in action, and then everyone else follows suit. Literally, if suits are the fashion in question.

My best guess is conspiratorial meetings.

My question then is, are you guys going to bring back the perm? And I don't mean ironic, hipster style (in the way of the moustache), I mean like, for real, yo. Another good question: Was my previous question inspired by Hall & Oates? Yes. Yes it was. "Say It Ain't So" (the song, not the sentiment) was playing on my pandora station, and I couldn't stop looking with jealousy at Oates's coiffed curls. That'd be fun for a bit, right?

Now, nevermind that a perm would probably cause my already thin and brittle hair to just fall out all the way, and that it's probably too short to even hold the curlers acquiring a perm necessitates, I'm just thinking of what I might be able to do if I achieved the smoldering eyes of Oates. Do I dare say it?
I could be a maneater!
Ha. Ok, probably not.

But somehow it's a mental visual transformation I'm finding holds appeal. Even if reality doesn't hold curl!

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