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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Steeling the Show - Holy Pittsburgh, Batman!

I learned today that Christopher Nolan is bringing his whole caped crusading gang to Pittsburgh to film the next installment of Batman. Now, I'm not sure if you've read my other rather lengthy rambles about the importance people from the city of Pittsburgh place on letting other people know about the city of Pittsburgh when cool things happen in the city of Pittsburgh (or when famous people are from the city of Pittsburgh), but let's just say, we're the little city that cares big time. So this news comes like a bat signal of its own to Pittsburghers - living there and relocated - to let others know immediately just how awesome our city is (duh!).

Sure, Batman already wore black and gold (at least before he became a darker sort of knight), but now he's going to be fighting the forces of crime and corruption in America's most livable city! (Oh, did I mention that was an honor bestowed upon the city? It was). There's a very good chance that Gotham just got a lot more bridges than it ever had before, based on this new location. There's also a good chance CGI will not be necessary for some abandoned industrial set pieces. But be warned, Christopher Nolan's location scout, you will need to bring your own lung-choking industrial smog and smoke if that's the gritty grit Batman will have to battle! We are not a dirty steel town. Do not let your perception from 1972 hold sway.

After seeing Christian Bale portray a Lowell, Massachusetts, resident and life so gosh-darned believably, I'm not going to lie and say it's not a deeply rooted fantasy and hope that he'll do some character studies while in Pittsburgh and, I dunno, make a fantastic Pittsburgh-based movie quite immediately. I don't know if it'd be Flashdance II or the next installment of Inspector Gadget (yeah, those were filmed in Pittsburgh), but it'd be great.

Also amazing - the way in which a few shots of Batman together with the Steelers, creating a Pittsburgh-specific justice league (with Hines Ward hoisting his mirrored ball Dancing with the Stars trophy, at some point, of course) could single-handedly inspire the largest opening weekend gross in one city in movie history. Maybe throw in some shots of Dan Rooney, have music by the Clarks, and for the love of god, include I.C. Light at the after party.

Just something to think about!

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