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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Quantum Leaps and Boundaries

I was just perusing the internet one last time before shutting down for the day, and found this news about teleportation. Pretty much the only part of the article I actually understood was the reference to Galaxy Quest and a botched teleportation attempt. About Galaxy Quest - I find it is one of the most consistently underrated movies ever, and a great use of Tim Allen, among others in its stellar intergalactic cast. Have I already written about this? How Sigourney Weaver essentially spoofing being the hot chick in sci-fi movies which, BTW, is kinda her deal, is awesome??? Or how the guy I've only ever seen on "Just Shoot Me" is one of the most believable and delightful alien life forms since ALF himself (also it is only in instantly writing that upon writing "alien life forms" that I realized I knew what ALF stood for in every fiber of my being).ly And how Tony Shaloub basically plays Monk here? And Sam Rockwell. Is there ever something not to like? I really feel I have covered how much I love Galaxy Quest before here, which hilariously makes me wonder if future me is teleporting back and forth for the past three years to write the same things in this blog over and over again, given that more often that not (including in a 2 week span!) I end up repeating myself or what is of interest to me (t.v., 80s pop stars, cheese, food, sports, NCAA tournament, sleep, self-loathing). If I am on the move, I'm going to encourage myself to watch more Quantum Leap while I'm at it. Another fantastic and relevant to the article but still not enlightening me about understanding it unless Al himself comes here to explain what Ziggy is doing.

Perhaps, for Tuesday, a gift from the interwebs. Quantum Leap re-mix. Which is somehow a quantum leap of its own. Enjoy!

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